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Substituting numbers into formula, part 3

Topic: Substituting Numbers into Formula

Substituting numbers into formula, part 3


In this lesson we will learn how to substitute numbers into more complicated formulas. Rob uses real formulas and real examples from Science in this lesson. This lesson takes you to New Zealand where you will see Dolphins chasing boats and jumping out of the water, Mt Everest on a very cold day and to the Eiffel Tower in France.

The questions covered in this lesson are all real equations and real life examples: i) Using the formula $KE$ = $\frac{{mv}^2}{2}$, find the kinetic energy, $KE,\ $of a dolphin with a mass of 300kg and velocity of 15m/s. ii) Using the formula $F$ = $\frac{9}{5}^\circ{C}$ + 32, a warm day on Mt. Everest is -$10^\circ{C}$, convert this temperature into Fahrenheit. iii) Using the formula $t$ = $\sqrt{\frac{2h}{g}}$, calculate the time it takes a 2 pence to fall from the Eiffel Tower, $h$ = 325 and $g$ = 9.8

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