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Frequently asked questions

I have not received a confirmation email

Ensure that you have entered the correct email address and also check your junk box.  Any problems contact info@bigbrainmaths.com 

I have received a confirmation email from PayPal but I have not received my log in details

Once Payment is athorised, PayPal then sends a message to BBM to inform confirm payment and activate your account.  This can take up to 30 minutes depending on the speed of the PayPal system which is out of our control.  As soon as BBM recieves confirmation from PayPal you will recieve your email with your login details.

Do I need a subscription to access bigbrainmaths.com?

All users can access the free lessons and all the worksheets. But to be able to acccess over 600 video tutorials, download answers sheets and view video answers you must subscribe.

How do I make subscription payments?

Bigbrainmaths.com uses PayPal subscription system for payments. Please note all types of payment can be made through this system.

Can I pay in other currencies?

Yes, bigbrainmaths.com uses paypal subscription system and users can pay in any currency and PayPal will do the currency conversion.

Are there any other forms of payment?

No the only payment system is online using the secure PayPal system.

If I subscribe how do I know that you have the lessons I need?

Anyone is able to look at all of the topics, video lessons and worksheets available on bigbrainmaths.com even if you are not a member. You can even see exactly what questions will be covered in each lesson.

What is the cooling off period?

Abiding by EU regulations for distance selling you are entitled to a 7 day cooling off period where you can cancel your subscription providing that none of the services have been accessed. However, if you download any subscription content i.e answer sheets or stream any videos then you waive these rights and cannot cancel. Big Brain Maths can monitor the content you have accessed. Bigbrainmaths.com has free lessons and all lesson information is available to anyone so you can be sure this site has everything you require before you begin streaming.

How do I cancel my subscription

This is very stright forward.  Simply turn off auto renew in your user settings.  These instructions are also in section 7 of BBM's terms and conditions.

What calculator does Rob use in his lessons

Rob uses a CASIO fx-85ES scientific calculator 

Why is there not a video answers to all the worksheets?

Each video lesson covers many questions and teaches you all the possible types of questions that could be asked in that particular topic. With over 600 video lessons and 1000’s of examples covered on bigbrainmaths.com, it is not necessary to duplicate video answers on every worksheet. However bigbrainmaths.com will be uploading new video answers throughout the school year.

Is bigbrainmaths.com available on mobile and tablet devices?

Yes bigbrainmaths.com is available on all devices. The only requirement is that you have sufficient Internet to be able to stream video’s.

Can I share my login with my friends or other people?

No. Bigbrainmaths.com employ software that monitors the IP address and has software to ensure one person is only using the login information. You can access Big Brain Maths from any device, at any time. But you may only sign-in as a member, on 1 device at a time and each user is required to have their own individual login. Please note that this is stated in the Terms of Use, any person found to be sharing login will be removed from the site without a refund.

Can I log in to bigbrainmaths.com from any computer with my user name and password, or am I limited to a single computer?

Yes, you can log in to bigbrinmaths.com from any internet-connected computer. However, you can only be logged in to one device at a time.

What if the lesson I am looking for is not on bigbrainmaths.com?

Bigbrainmaths.com covers the majority of topics so it is unlikely that a lesson you need is not on the site. It maybe called something different so try looking at the information on each lesson to see if you can find the lesson you require. If your lesson does not appear then please email contact@bigbrainmaths.com

Are whole school subscriptions available?

Yes this facility is available and Big Brain Maths has a variety of options available; please contact info@bigbrainmaths.com to fully discuss your requirements.

What age group is bigbrainmaths.com suitable for?

Bigbrainmaths.com is suitable for primary school students from levels 4 and above and all secondary school levels.

Does the bigbrainmaths.com teacher offer private tuition?

No, Rob the bigbrainmaths.com teacher is not available for private tuition.

I forgot my password, or need to reset it. How do I do this?

Click on the forgotten password link and follow the instructions.


What are the 'Terms and Conditions of Use'?

The bigbrainmaths.com Terms of Use outlines the rules governing the use of the free service offered on the website, and the rules for subscription services. A requirement when you subscribe to bigbrainmaths.com is that you accept the Terms of Use.

Is the bigbrainmaths.com suitable for students studying in other countries?

Yes, bigbrainmaths.com is suitable for students in other countries. Rob the bigbrainmaths.com teacher has 2 years experience working in New Zealand schools and is experienced with the curriculum at all NCEA levels in New Zealand.

Does bigbrainmaths.com use my personal data?

No, bigbrainmaths.com does not share or pass on your data to any third party, please review the Privacy Policy.

What computer requirements are needed?

The website will work correctly on all modern web browsers. If the browser used to view the website is 2 or 3 version behind the latest version, then some of the website’s features might not appear as BBM intend.  Most browsers automatically download the newest version of themselves.  Some browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, waits for the user to download and install such updates.

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