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Substituting Numbers into Formula

Substituting numbers into formula, part 3

Straight Line Graphs

Exam tip -- completing a table of values
Plotting straight line graphs from a table of values

Simplifying Expressions

Simplifying Expressions Part 3

Formula 1 Distance/time, Velocity/time Graphs

Calculating average speed from a D/t graph part 1
Calculating average speed from a D/t graph part 2
Speed/distance/time questions - Common mistakes
Calculating acceleration from a V/t graph part 1
Calculating acceleration from a V/t graph part 2
Calculating the deceleration from a V/t graph
Calculating total distance travelled from a V/t graph
Estimating distance travelled under a curved V/t graph


Calculating the volume of any prism
Volume of a cylinder practice question
Volume of a square based pyramid

Right-angled Trigonometry

Finding an angle

Angles on Parallel Lines

Alternate angles on parallel lines


Finding angles in a triangle

3D Right-angled Trigonometry (Higher Only)

3D Trigonometry in a Pyramid

3D Pythagoras (Higher Only)

3D Pythagoras in a pyramid


Rounding to Significant Figures part 1

Venn Diagrams

Word questions using Venn diagrams (2 sets) - Part 1
Word questions using Venn Diagrams (2 sets) Part 2

Conditional Probability

Conditional probability with 2 sets
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